пятница, 20 ноября 2009 г.

We are not dead.

Though due to numerous circumstances I can't upload RAWs.
I don't know when my ability to upload restores, but I'll keep you posted.

вторник, 6 октября 2009 г.

A minor delay

It so happens that this is my last semester in the institute, so further releases will be quite sporadic.
On fifteenth I have an important multidisciplinary exam so, I currently have no time to work on translation.
Wish me luck.

пятница, 25 сентября 2009 г.

Uchuu, Space, Numbah one! Well, two actually.

And TriThree is one of the dumbest names for a mech I've heard.
Anyway, here are the .mkv version and .srt in case you have problem with subtitles.
Torrent will be up somewhere soon.

Torrent might be delayed for some time due to IRL.

Torrent is up.

суббота, 19 сентября 2009 г.


A little bit of introduction first:
I'm your (un)friendly neighbor Decepticon from Russia and I have Goshogun DVDs
starseeker here taught me how to encode and also checks my translation for factual errors. She also provided lyrics for Op and Ed.
Anon wishing to be known as Zambo Ace does our QC.
And finally, Jus D'Orange does the timing.

And of course, the reason why we got together- Sengoku Majin Goshogun
Here are episode one RAW & .srt and .mkv if you prefer them.
Torrent can be found here.
Ep.2 is currently in the works too.